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  • Multi-passenger capability for up to four people
  • Four-wheel independent suspension for excellent ride and handling
  • Balanced acceleration and top speed
  • Convertible rear seat

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Convertible cargo rack design offers additional cargo volume

The exclusive, convertible cargo rack design offers rear seating for two passengers and with a flip of a lever, expands the cargo capacity of the XUV560 S4 and XUV590i S4 by 48 percent.


The convertible cargo rack design offers the ultimate in flexibility for multi-passenger seating capacity and utility.


Considering the majority of the time a vehicle is only transporting one or two people, but at any given moment a third or fourth passenger may come along. The quick and simple convertible cargo rack can be switched back and forth in seconds with a flip of a lever. Comfortable rear seating with choice of ample leg room or 48 percent more cargo capacity.

Up positionUp position
Down positionDown position
Carrying multiple workshop productsCarrying multiple workshop products

Some key points about the convertible cargo rack:

  • Offers additional cargo volume of 4.3 ft³ (0.12 m³) and 200-lb (90.7-kg) capacity.
  • Efficient one-step conversion from rear seat to cargo rack in 2-3 seconds (and vice-versa) can be easily done by one person


Length 23.5 in. (59.7 cm)
Width 38.8 in. (98.6 cm)
Depth 8.1 in. (20.6 cm)
Volume 4.3 ft3 (0.12 m³)
Weight capacity 200 lb (90.7 kg)

Delivers quick acceleration and provides a top speed of more than 48 mph (77 km/h)

35.8 cu in. (586-cm3) gasoline engine35.8 cu in. (586-cm3) gasoline engine

The Gator™ XUV590i Crossover Series Utility Vehicle is powered by a 35.8 cu in. (586-cm3), inline-twin-cylinder electronic fuel injected (EFI) gasoline engine. The engine is electronically controlled through an engine control unit (ECU) to ensure optimal engine performance.


The engine offers the following performance and reliability features:

  • 32 hp* at 5600 rpm
  • 48 mph (77 km/h) top speed
  • Electronic fuel injection (EFI) with engine control unit (ECU)
  • Liquid cooled
  • Designed for cold-weather starting (tested to -20°F [-28.9°C])
  • Wet-sump lubrication system
  • Spin-on oil filter and oil pan drain accessible through skid plate for easy servicing
  • High air-flow air filter
  • 875-W (65 maximum amp) charging system for accessory capability (see engine section for alternator output curve)
  • Spark-arresting muffler is USFS approved
  • Low fuel consumption and large 7.4-U.S. gal. (28-L) fuel tank
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant


* The engine horsepower information is provided by the engine manufacturer to be used for comparison purposes only. The actual operating horsepower will be less.

Four-wheel independent suspension provides unparalleled ride over challenging terrain and excellent handling through corners

XUV front suspension detailXUV front suspension detail

To complement the comfortable operation station, the XUV560 and XUV590i is equipped with four-wheel independent suspension. This unique suspension set-up provides an unparalleled ride over challenging terrain and excellent handling through corners.


The engineering team, in collaboration with engineering firms that consult with Formula 1®, NASCAR®, and INDYCAR® teams, built a capable suspension system for class-leading operator comfort no matter what the terrain.

  • Dual, wide arch A-arm design provides maximum front-wheel control, precise steering, and maximum ground clearance out to the wheel
  • 8 in. (203 mm) of travel provides ample compression and wheel extension, which keep all four wheels on the ground for superior traction and vehicle control
  • Adjustable coil over shocks absorb the most demanding terrain
  • Solid anti-roll bar with fully rubber isolated connecting links and pivots is tuned to provide the most agile and predictable handling
  • Camber during compression to compensate for body roll and to maintain an optimal tire contact patch for improved cornering grip
  • Increasing vehicle width during compression for additional stability.
  • High-strength ASTM 80-55-06 ductile cast-iron knuckle and upper A-arm to support the high stresses of the shocks, constant-velocity (CV) shaft, and wheels
  • Automotive-style fully boxed and welded high strength steel lower A-arms to minimize unsprung mass and maximize strength
  • Maintenance-free rubber torsional A-arm pivots for long life and quiet operation
  • CV shaft protection from sticks that may puncture the rubber boot
  • Anti-dive front suspension geometry provides a solid platform for confident braking
  • Optimized steering geometry using ADAMS CAR simulation to minimize steering effort and maximize terrain feedback
XUV rear suspension detailXUV rear suspension detail
  • 8 in. (203 mm) of travel provides ample compression and wheel extension, which keep all four wheels on the ground for superior traction and vehicle control
  • Unique, independent rear-suspension design ensures a great ride and protection for the CV shafts
  • Adjustable coil over shocks absorb the most demanding terrain
  • Camber during compression to compensate for body roll and to maintain an optimal tire contact patch for improved cornering grip
  • Increasing vehicle width during compression for additional stability.
  • High-strength ASTM 80-55-06 ductile cast-iron knuckle, lower A-arm, and upper link to support the high stresses of the shocks, CV shaft, and wheels with the toughness to survive impacts from boulders
  • Maintenance-free rubber torsional A-arm pivots for long life and quiet operation

NASCAR is a trademark of NASCAR. INDYCAR is a trademark of Brickyard Trademarks Incorporated. Formula 1 is a trademark of Formula One Licensing BV, a Formula One Group Company.

Designed for all-day comfort with many vehicle conveniences

Instrument panel and backlit switchesInstrument panel and backlit switches
Sealed under-hood storageSealed under-hood storage
Ergonomically placed controlsErgonomically placed controls
In-dash cup holders and sealed glove boxIn-dash cup holders and sealed glove box
S4 optional under-seat storageS4 optional under-seat storage
  • Operator-centric design provides class-leading ergonomics and comfortable seats
    • Easy entry/exit and pass through for operator and passenger
    • Optimal seating position provides more legroom
    • Automotive-like ergonomics
    • Excellent comfort while driving
  • Best-in-class sealed storage volume of 9 gal. (34 L) with a large in-dash glove box and under hood storage. An additional 9 gal. (34 L) of under-seat storage is available on the S4 models.
  • Hinged hood rotates open without tools for access to storage
  • Side-by-side seating provides ample room for one operator and one passenger
    • Seats tilt forward for ease of service and to keep dry during outdoor storage
  • Two cup holders are located within reach of the operator's station
  • Standard 12-V direct current (VDC) outlet is conveniently located on the instrument panel
  • Seven predrilled dash switch locations with snap out caps for various electrical accessories
  • Occupant protective structure (OPS) with three-point seat belts and passenger side grab handle located on front post
  • Start in gear or neutral position for quick starting. The service brake must be engaged to start.

Optional power steering for excellent handling characteristics and low steering effort

XUV590i  with optional power steeringXUV590i with optional power steering

The Gator™ XUV590i and XUV590i S4 Utility Vehicles are equipped with rack and pinion steering with optional power steering. These automotive-type systems exhibit excellent handling characteristics, as well as responsive steering and low steering effort.


Optional electronic power steering assist system (EPAS). Features of EPAS include:

  • Anti-kickback feature reduces the amount of steering unwinding when traversing difficult terrain.
  • The system is speed sensing and adjusts steering effort as the speed of the vehicle changes.
    • As speed increases there is less steering assist for improved road feel.
    • As speed decreases steering assist increases to give lower steering efforts for improved maneuverability.
  • A warning/functional light on the instrument panel provides self-diagnostics and a warning light in the situation of no assist.
  • Torque sensor measures steering wheel input so the on-board computer can provide the appropriate output for various driving situations.
    • Steel ball-bearings secure the steering shaft and delivers smooth, responsive operation
    • Tight turn radius of 12.3 ft (3.7 m) for excellent maneuverability
    • Completely sealed rack-and-pinion for long life
    • Low steering ratio (lock-to-lock steering wheel rotations) provides more responsive steering and less operator input
    • Shaft U-joints are phased for a smooth, uninterrupted motion of the steering wheel
    • Ackerman steering design provides more responsive steering, decreases tire wear when used on hard surfaces and is turf friendly (see description below)
    • Minimal bump steer eliminates unintended vehicle direction changes when traversing terrain and permits less feedback to the steering wheel (see description below)


The tire scrubbing, which also creates unwanted heat and wear in the tire, can be eliminated by turning the inside wheel at a greater angle than the outside one (Ackerman steering).


Note: Some competitors use parallel steering instead of Ackerman steering.


Bump steering defines the change in the forward steering angle (thus wheel position) as the suspension travels through its full motion. A large amount of angular change (5 degrees to 7 degrees) will alter the vehicle's direction and excessively move the steering wheel.

Large, extra-durable, one-piece cargo box ensures hard-driving performance and longevity

Cargo box Cargo box
Cargo box, tailgate downCargo box, tailgate down

The cargo box consists of a high-density polyethylene copolymer composite material that eliminates rust, dents, and reduces noise. This large, one-piece design has rounded inside corners to ensure material removal when tilted. The composite box is highly ribbed and supported with a welded, steel-ladder structure to ensure hard-driving performance and longevity. The three highly styled exterior pieces are made of TPO for extra durability.

Tailgate handleTailgate handle
Tailgate pivot and removal featureTailgate pivot and removal feature
Removable lanyardsRemovable lanyards

The tailgate can be opened or removed for easier cleanout and to carry longer items. It features truck-like performance and can be operated with one hand.


The tailgate’s pivot point is made of hardened steel for durability and designed for tool-free removal. The standard lanyards can also be disconnected without tools to remove the tailgate for convenient loading and unloading tasks.

Integrated handle for manual cargo box tilt (both sides)Integrated handle for manual cargo box tilt (both sides)
Tilted cargo boxTilted cargo box

The cargo box ease of use is critical to performing tasks quickly and efficiently. Starting with the truck-style tailgate, the removal of content in this cargo box could not be easier. The manual release functions as the lift lever as well, done in a smooth, one-step motion. It can even be tilted from both sides of the vehicle. To reduce the overall effort of lift, the pivot point of the cargo box is closer to the center. The combination of easy to use attributes makes this cargo box best-in-class.


For servicing the vehicle’s systems, the cargo box is easily removable. With the removal of two bolts, the cargo box can easily be detached from the vehicle frame.

Integrated tie-down point in cargo-box bedIntegrated tie-down point in cargo-box bed
Additional tie-down pointsAdditional tie-down points

The cargo box offers integrated tie-down points for increased versatility. Tie-down points are located in the following areas:

  • Flip-up D-shaped rings in all four corners inside the cargo-box bed
  • Multiple points along the edge of the cargo-box side walls
  • Tie-down bars on either side of the cargo box with optional cargo-box rail kit. This kit also provides a mounting system using accessories that possess the 1-in. (25.4-mm) quick clamp.
Cargo box rail systemCargo box rail system
Bed matBed mat
Cargo box power liftCargo box power lift
Cargo box wall extensions (shown on RSX)Cargo box wall extensions (shown on RSX)

Optional accessories for the cargo box include (see price pages or JDConfigurator for complete list):

  • Cargo box rail system
  • Cargo box bed mat
  • Cargo box power lift
  • Cargo box wall extensions
  • Spare tire rack
  • Bucket holder


Length  32.3 in. (82 cm)
Width 47.6 in. (120.9 cm)
Depth 11.7 in. (29.7 cm)
Volume 8.9 cu ft (0.25 m³)
Weight capacity 400 lb (181.4 kg)
Dump angle
Bed height (from ground)
45 degrees
30 in (76.3 cm)


CAUTION: Carrying extra-long cargo that extends beyond the box can adversely affect stability.



Type 4-cycle gas, Inline-twin, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI), Overhead Valves (OHV)      
Displacement 586 cc      
Power 23.8* kW
32 hp
Cooling system Liquid cooled      


Transmission Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with clutch enclosure      
Final drive High, Low, Neutral, Reverse Transaxle      
Four wheel drive Dash lever actuated four-wheel drive system with limited slip front differential, plus locking rear differential      
Traction assist Positive locking, mechanically actuated (hand lever operated) rear differential lock      
Descent control Not available      
Maximum traveling speed 0-48 mph (0-77 kph) High Forward, 0-28 mph (0-45 kph) Low Forward, 0-22 mph (0-35 kph) Reverse      


Front Fully independent dual A-Arm with adjustable coil over shocks, 8 in. (203 mm) travel, Anti-roll bar      
Rear Fully independent with lower H-arm and upper camber link with adjustable coil over shocks, 8 in. (203 mm) travel      


Type 196 mm ventilated four-wheel stainless steel disc brakes with hydraulic 1.375 in. (34.93mm) diameter twin-piston calipers      
Park brake Automotive-style foot-actuated mechanical park brake system      

Tires / Wheels

Front 25x8-12 Ancla M-T (Extreme Terrain) 4-ply rating steel wheels or 25x8-12 Terrahawk AT (All Terrain) 4-ply rating steel wheels; optional 26x8-14 Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 6-ply rating on various color aluminum alloys      
Rear 25x10-12 Ancla M-T (Extreme Terrain) 4-ply rating steel wheels or 25x10-12 Terrahawk AT (All Terrain) 4-ply rating steel wheels; optional 26x10-14 Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 6-ply rating on various color aluminum alloys      

Dimensions / Capacities

Wheelbase 2743 mm
108 in.
Dry weight Wet weight (includes fuel/fluids): 746 kg
Wet weight (includes fuel/fluids): 1646 lb
Length 3658 mm
144 in.
Width 1435 mm
56.5 in.
Height 1880 mm
74 in.
Tread centers Front: 1220 mm
Front: 48 in.
Rear: 1168 mm
Rear: 46 in.
Ground clearance 236 mm minimum
9.3 in. minimum
Fuel capacity 28 L
7.4 U.S. gal.
Cargo box dimensions 82L x 120.9W x 29.7D (0.25 m3) cm
32.3L x 47.6W x 11.7D (8.9 ft3) in.
Cargo box capacity (weight) 181 kg
400 lb
Payload capacity 544 kg
1200 lb
Towing capacity 1100 lb
499 kg
Hitch Standard 2 in. (50 mm) rear receiver with optional 2 in. (50 mm) front receiver with recovery loops      


Color Green/Yellow; Olive/Black; Realtree? Hardwoods HD Camo      
Power steering Available      
Battery / Alternator / Power port 340 CCA
65 amp @ 3400 rpm regulated
12 VDC standard outlet
Instrumentation Digital instrument cluster displays critical vehicle information such as speed, engine rpm, fuel level, coolant temperature, trip, odometer, time      
Storage 2 cupholders, sealed underhood storage, glovebox, center console, optional under seat      
Seating Bench seat front/rear      

Additional information

Country of Manufacture U.S.