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  • 854-cm3 diesel engine
  • Tire ball run flat tire system
  • Keyless ignition switch
  • 32-mph (51.5-km/h) maximum forward speed


Best-in-class stability with a robust frame
    Stable designStable design

    A stable vehicle starts with the design of the foundation; the M-Gator™ A3 Utility Vehicle has the most capable frame available in a high-performance utility vehicle.


    The combination of a robust frame and other various attributes yield best-in-class stability.

    Attributes that contribute to best-in-class stability:

    • Fully-boxed frame provides unmatched resistance to frame twisting and vibration
    • Tires have been pushed out to all four corners, which keeps cargo between the axles
    • Weight distribution on the front and rear tires when the vehicle has no cargo-box load to maximum load
    • Fully independent-suspension system keeps all four wheels on the ground for superior traction and vehicle control
    • High-back bucket seats give a secure feel while seating the occupants 4 in. to 5 in. lower than similar competitive models
      • Lower seating positions allow easily getting on and off the vehicle
    • Low roll center (center of gravity) minimizes body roll and provides a steady feel during operation
Large, reconfigurable cargo box

    The M-Gator™ A3 has a unique, reconfigurable cargo box:

    • 14.4 ft3 (0.41 m3)
    • 45.2-in. long x 59.5-in. wide x 9.2-in. deep (1148 mm x 1511 mm x 234 mm)
    • 10-gauge steel construction
    • 1000-lb (454-kg) capacity
    • Power lift is standard
    • Cargo box positions
      • Tailgate down with one side down
      • Tailgate down with both sides down
      • Tailgate - 90 degrees
    • Seven external tie-downs (three on left and right sides, one on tailgate)
    • Six internal tie-downs
    • Internal tie-downs positioned to hold two litter carriers
    Tailgate positions
    Tailgate 90 degrees (to extend load floor)Tailgate 90 degrees (to extend load floor)

    90 degree position (extended load floor)

    • Grab the handle just below tailgate
    Cargo box tie-down points
    Three external tie-downs on each side of cargo boxThree external tie-downs on each side of cargo box
    One external tie-down on tailgate of cargo boxOne external tie-down on tailgate of cargo box
    Eight internal tie-down points (overhead view)Eight internal tie-down points (overhead view)
    Close-up of internal tie-downClose-up of internal tie-down
    • Seven external tie-down points (three on the left and right sides, one on the tailgate)
    • Eight internal tie-down points with flip-up attachment rings
      • To flip the ring up, push on the flat spot in the ring
    Tie-down points to accommodate two littersTie-down points to accommodate two litters

    Tie-down points are designed to accommodate two litters in the cargo box.

Heavy-duty truck-style frame is built to take on some serious rock crawling and heavy hauling
    Ultimate backbone - M-Gator™ A2 and A3 frame
    Mainframe structure – rear-left viewMainframe structure – rear-left view
    Mainframe structure – front-left viewMainframe structure – front-left view
    Full-frame structure – front-left viewFull-frame structure – front-left view
    Drivetrain carrier (highlighted in gray)Drivetrain carrier (highlighted in gray)

    The M-Gator A2 and A3 Utility Vehicle is built on the most capable frame available in a high-performance utility vehicle. This hydroformed frame is another reason the M-Gator A2 and A3 Utility Vehicle boasts unsurpassed work capability and offroad performance.

    Key elements of the frame include:

    • Deep cross-sectioned hydroformed frame members of 3-mm (0.12-in.) wall thickness provide the strength required to handle the demanding loads of heavy cargo and towing
    • Fully-boxed frame, with cross tubes welded on both sides of the hydroformed members, provide unmatched resistance to frame twisting and vibration
    • Fully robotically, welded-frame design provides an unrivaled foundation for the two operator protection structures, which gives the operator and passenger the assurance they are looking for in a high-performance utility vehicle
    • Full-skid protection from the front bumper to the rear powertrain carrier; this provides protection to the operator and critical components such as the front differential, cooling system, and gas tank
    • Integrated mounting points in the toughest section of the frame for handling the severe demands of snow blade work
    • E-coated and powder painted for maximum durability
    • Rear powertrain carrier is designed to handle the double-wishbone, rear-suspension, gas and diesel engine options, and the most heavy-duty continuous variable transmission (CVT) offered in the utility vehicle market
    • Powertrain carrier contains an integrated 2-in. rear receiver hitch
    Underside view of vehicle (XUV825i model shown)Underside view of vehicle (XUV825i model shown)

    The heavy-duty truck-style frame provides the ultimate backbone for the M-Gator A2 and A3 Utility Vehicle. The design has been proven through thousands of hours of durability testing in some of the most severe conditions. 


    Be assured the M-Gator A2 and A3 Utility Vehicle is built to take on some serious rock crawling and heavy hauling.

Operator protection system (OPS), front protection, and front storage
    M-Gator A3 with standard OPS and front protectionM-Gator A3 with standard OPS and front protection

    The M-Gator™ A3 Utility Vehicle comes standard with OPS, front bumper, brush guard, front fender guards, fire extinguisher, rifle mount, keyless ignition, lockable steering wheel, and constant-velocity (CV) guards.

    • OPS are Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) certified for rollover protection
    • Three-point seat belts provided for driver and passenger
    • Designed to work in conjunction with R-Gator™ robotics
    • Compatible with the deluxe glass cab
    Front cargo rack
    Front cargo rackFront cargo rack
    M-Gator A3 with front bumper and brush guardM-Gator A3 with front bumper and brush guard
    • Front cargo rack is standard on the M-Gator A3
    • Flips forward to allow access under the hood
    • Rated to hold 150 lb of cargo
    • Compatible with the deluxe glass cab
Key selling points

    Best-in-class quality and durability

    • Unit undergoes the most stringent testing and is held to the highest standards in the industry
      • Longer hours
      • Harsher duty cycle
        • Tested beyond normal use
    • Hydroform steel frame has fewer bolted and welded joints
      • Most competitive products use a framing process that contains more welds and bolted areas with steel that is of a lighter gauge
    • JD Loy plastics are used on the fenders and hood
      • Ultraviolet (UV)-resistant
      • Scratch-resistant
      • Impact-resistant

    Superior terrain capability

    • Best-in-class true four-wheel drive
    • The 11-in. ground clearance is higher than major competitors
      • Clears more obstacles on the trail without getting hung up
    • With independent rear suspension, wheels stay on the ground to keep the unit stable and moving forward through difficult terrain

    Best-in-class ride quality

    • Fully independent suspension
    • 8-in. of suspension travel (front)
    • 9-in. of suspension travel (rear)
    • Optimized to offer a great ride with full loads or no load
      • Best-in-class stability through all specified load ranges

    Advanced engine system

    • Most powerful 854-cm3 diesel engine in its class
      • The farmer and other diesel owners will appreciate the awesome power and speed to increase productivity and capability

    Best-in-class work capability

    • Best-in-class stability
      • Low center of gravity and wide stance
    • Increased cargo capacity
      • 1400-lb total payload (passengers and cargo)
      • 1000-lb total cargo weight
      • 1500-lb towing capacity
    • Vehicle maintains a smooth ride both loaded and unloaded
      • Even at maximum cargo capacity, the independent suspension maintains best-in-class stability
    • 22.8.-hp* diesel (most powerful and fastest diesel in its class)
      • Power allows the operator to handle more loads
        • Carrying heavy cargo
        • Climbing steep and tough terrain
    • Hydraulic cargo dumping system

    * The engine horsepower information is provided by the engine manufacturer to be used for comparison purposes only. The actual operating horsepower will be less.

    Front suspension detail Front suspension detail

     To complement the most capable frame available in a high-performance utility vehicle, the M-Gator™ A3 is equipped with four-wheel independent suspension.
    A dual A-arm front and rear suspension provides a smooth ride over challenging terrain and excellent hauling characteristics.
    The entire suspension system has been optimized to handle no cargo to maximum cargo without compromising ride quality or vehicle stability.

    Dual A-arm front suspension features include:

    •  8 in. (203.2 mm) of travel provides ample compression and wheel extension, which keep all four wheels on the ground for superior traction and vehicle control
    • 0.6875-in. (17.5-mm) solid anti-roll bar with fully rubber isolated connecting links and pivots for minimal vehicle body roll and quiet operation
    • Heavy-duty nodular cast-iron knuckles to support the strut, CV shaft, and wheel
    • Maintenance-free rubber torsional A-arm pivots for long life and quiet operation
    • CV shaft protection from sticks that may puncture the rubber boot


    Rear suspension detail Rear suspension detail

    Dual A-arm independent rear suspension features include:

    • Unequal length, dual A-arm construction for superior wheel control and travel
    • 9 in. (228.6 mm) of total travel provides ample compression and wheel extension, which keep all four wheels on the ground for superior traction, excellent ride quality,and vehicle control
    • Coil over shocks absorb the most demanding terrain
    • A-arms made from square/rectangular tubing reduce weight while remaining rigid
    • Heavy-duty nodular cast-iron uprights support wheel loads with a double row of ball bearings
    • CV driveshaft protection from sticks that may puncture the rubber boot
Precision-engineered drive system optimizes acceleration, hauling, towing, and hill-climbing capabilities

    The M-Gator™ A2 and A3 Utility Vehicle has a precision-engineered drivetrain system that fully utilizes engine power, optimizing acceleration, hauling, towing, and hill-climbing capabilities. Power is transmitted from the engine through a continuously variable clutch system to the transaxle.

    Key elements of the drive system include:

    Variable-speed drive
    Variable-speed driveVariable-speed drive


    1. Engine
    2. Variable-speed drive
    3. Transaxle

    The variable-speed drive consists of two clutches and a drive belt:

    • Drive clutch is attached to the engine.
    • Driven clutch is attached to the transaxle.

    Features include:

    • A low- and high-speed forward gear offering:
      • Low range is 0 km/h to 24 km/h (0 mph to 15 mph)
      • High range is 0 km/h to 51.5 km/h (0 mph to 32 mph)
    • Ability to creep along slowly to maneuver in tight spaces
    • Engine braking assist
    • Standard full clutch enclosure (625i only) with high-speed fan provides longer belt and clutch life
      • Provides greater access through water up to 559 mm (22-in.) high
    • High-ratio clutches with four cam weights for maximum belt clamp load in high-torque conditions
    • Acceleration from 0 km/h to 40 km/h (0 to 25 mph) in almost half the time required for the HPX
    • Powertrain reduction ratios:
      • The complete reduction ratios range for high gear is (8.6:1 at top speed and 42:1 at initial clutch engagement
      • The complete reduction ratios range for low gear is (17.9:1 at top speed and 86.8:1 at initial clutch engagement
      • NOTE: Delivery and torque to the ground depends on tire size, which is a function of nominal size and pressure.


    How the variable-speed drive works:

    1. As engine speed increases, the spring-loaded drive clutch is closed by weights being forced out by centrifugal force.
    2. As the drive clutch closes, the belt rides up to the largest diameter of the drive clutch and forces open the driven clutch.
    3. With the belt running in the smallest diameter of the driven clutch, the speed being transferred to the transaxle is increased.
    4. The driven clutch is designed to sense varying loads (inclines, mud, etc.) and constantly adjusts drive speed upward or downward so that engine rpm remains optimal.
    Transaxle, Mechanical Front-Wheel Drive (MFWD), and CV shafts
    Top view of engine (XUV 620i shown)Top view of engine (XUV 620i shown)
    Side shot of clutch enclosure (XUV 625i shown)Side shot of clutch enclosure (XUV 625i shown)
    Rear end shot of transaxle/CV shafts (XUV 625i)Rear end shot of transaxle/CV shafts (XUV 625i)
    • Operator interface
      • On-demand true 4WD system with an auto-locking front differential and dash-mounted electronic rocker switch is best-in-class; when the rocker switch is in the on (4WD) position, the front differential will automatically lock for extra traction when needed, but when the rocker switch is in the off (2WD) position, the vehicle will remain in 2WD
        • Provides exceptional traction in challenging conditions
        • Maintains turf-friendly operation in 2WD mode
    • Transaxle
      • Two-speed fully enclosed oil bath transaxle allows for superior pulling ability
      • Cast aluminum design is the most robust in the industry
      • Helical forward and reverse gears are used for quiet operation
      • Rear traction assist (differential lock) is built in and can be engaged on demand
        • Allows locking the rear drive wheels together
        • Provides increased traction in tough spots
        • NOTE: Differential design reduces scuffing of the turf during turns because it allows the inside wheels to turn slower than the outside wheels
      • Neutral start safety interlock for engine ignition system
      • Large, sealed bearings are located inside the housing for better protection and durability
      • Contains gear case for transferring power to the MFWD
      • Splined shaft interfaces for maximum torque transfer and durability
      • All drive gears machined from highest grade gear steel
      • Protected by a skid plate
    • Mechanical front-wheel drive
      • Electromagnetic design is auto-locking for ease of use
        • Performs like a locking differential when engaged, but like an open differential when cornering
        • Offers positive engagement of both front wheels in forward and reverse as a differential package
        • Automatic engagement on the fly—no shift linkages required
      • Protected by a skid plate and frame
    • Drive shafts
      • Rear CV shaft diameter measures 27 mm (1.1 in.) and designed for peak engine and braking torque (NOTE: 33 percent larger than most competitors)
      • Front CV shaft diameter measures 23.9 mm (0.94 in.) and designed for peak engine torque
        (NOTE: 25 percent larger than most competitors)
      • Propshaft (transaxle to MFWD shaft) diameter measures 23 mm (0.91 in.) and designed for peak engine torque
      • All CV Shaft and propshaft joints are maintenance free and protected by exclusive Neoprene boots for durability
Powered by 854-cm3 (0.854-L), three-cylinder, liquid-cooled, four-cycle diesel engine
    Engine shown on XUV855DEngine shown on XUV855D
    Remote intake and restriction indicatorRemote intake and restriction indicator

    The M-Gator™ A3 is powered by an 854-cm3 (0.854-L), three-cylinder, liquid-cooled, four-cycle diesel engine. It produces 36.9 lb-ft of torque (5.1 kgm) at 2400 rpm.


    The advanced engine delivers superb starting, idling, and throttle response during operation, as well as minimal noise vibration and harshness (NVH).


    The engine offers the following performance and reliability features:

    • Indirect injection diesel with glow plugs ensures fast starts in cold temperatures
    • 22.8 hp* at 2400 rpm
    • Overhead valve design for greater efficiency and fuel economy
    • Tier 2/IV (U.S.A.) and EC (European) emission compliant
    • Spin-on oil filter for easy servicing
    • Quiet operation through the entire rpm range
      • Molybdenum-coated pistons
      • High-stiffness cylinder block and gearcase
    • High-flow water pump and optimized water jackets maintain a steady operating temperature and eliminate hot spots
    • Full-pressure lubrication system
    • In-line mechanical fuel pump
    • Five-point, rubber isolated for quiet operation and minimal vibration
    • Dry replaceable dual-element air cleaner with remote intake and a restriction indicator
    • See-through coolant recovery tank permits the operator to check the coolant level without removing the radiator cap
      • Sealed radiator compartment keeps trash and debris on the outside of the grille

    * The engine horsepower information is provided by the engine manufacturer to be used for comparison purposes only. The actual operating horsepower will be less.

Features of the M-Gator™ A3
    • 854-cm3, three-cylinder diesel engine with 22.8 hp* and 36.9 lb-ft of torque (5.10 kgm) at 2400 rpm
    • 5.3-gal (20 L) fuel tank capacity (diesel and JP-8 fuel compatible)
    • 32-mph (51.5-km/h) maximum forward speed
    • Two-range continuously variable-speed transmission (CVT)
    • On-demand, true 4WD system with on/off rocker switch
    • Operator protection system (OPS), with multiple grab handles and three-point seat belts, is
      Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) rollover protective structure (ROPS)
    • Four-wheel independent suspension with 11-in. (28-cm) ground clearance
    • Four-wheel hydraulic disk braking with dual master cylinder
    • 1000-lb (454-kg) cargo-box capacity
    • 1400-lb (635-kg) payload capacity, including 200-lb (91-kg) operator, 200-lb (91 kg) passenger, and 1000 lb (454 kg) in the cargo box
    • 1500-lb (680-kg) towing capacity on level terrain
    • Hydroformed frame
    • Hydraulic cargo dumping system
    • Standard 2-in. front and rear receiver hitch
    • Large-styled wheels (12 in. to 14 in.) and tires (25 in. to 27 in.)
    • Standard front bumper, front brush guard, front storage rack, front fender guards, rifle mount, fire extinguisher, and constant-velocity (CV) guards
    • Keyless ignition (military customers only)
    • Keyed ignition (non-military customers only)

    * The engine horsepower information is provided by the engine manufacturer to be used for comparison purposes only. The actual operating horsepower will be less.

Operating conveniences
    Overhead view of operator stationOverhead view of operator station

    Numerous features offer the operator and passenger a smooth, comfortable ride and provide many operating conveniences.

    • Keyless ignition allows quick operation of the vehicle (military customers only).
      • Same location as the standard ignition
    • Keyed ignition (non-military customers only)
    • Hydraulic cargo box dumping system
    • Anti-theft cable lock helps prevent theft of unit.
      • Pull the cable out of the dash, wrap around the steering wheel, and lock.
    • Fire extinguisher
    • Rifle mount consists of the rifle butt holder on the floor and clip on the glove compartment area.
      • Holds M4 and M16 rifles
    • Side-by-side, high-back bucket seating provides room for one operator and one passenger.
      • Hip restraints serve as a handhold and help to keep the operator and passenger in their seats over rough terrain.
    • 12-V outlets (good for radio/battery charging) located on dash as well as inside center console between passengers
    • Fuel gauge
    • Hour-meter
    • Two cup holders
    Keyless ignition (military customers only)Keyless ignition (military customers only)
    Rifle mountRifle mount
    Hydraulic cargo dumping switch on dashHydraulic cargo dumping switch on dash
    12-V outlet (dash location)12-V outlet (dash location)
    Vehicle with hydraulic dumping systemVehicle with hydraulic dumping system



  • Type 4-cycle gas, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
  • Displacement 854 cc
  • Power 22.8 (17 kW)*
  • Cooling system Liquid


  • Transmission Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with clutch enclosure
  • Final drive Two speed, oil bath
  • Four wheel drive On-demand true four-wheel drive system
  • Traction assist Positive locking, mechanically actuated (hand-operated)
  • Maximum traveling speed 0-32 hi forward, 0-15 lo forward, 0-17 reverse mph
    0-51 hi forward, 0-24 lo forward, 0-27 reverse km/h


  • Front Fully independent dual control arm with adjustable spring preload
  • Rear Fully independent dual control arm with adjustable spring preload and sway bar

Tires / Wheels

  • Front 26x9-12
  • Rear 26x11-12

Dimensions / Capacities

  • Wheelbase 79 in.
    2007 mm
  • Length 120.9 in.
    3020 mm
  • Width 62 in.
    1571 mm
  • Height 75 in.
    1903 mm
  • Tread centers 51.4 in.
    1305 mm
  • Fuel capacity 7.3 U.S. gal.
    27.6 L
  • Payload capacity 1400 lb
    635 kg
  • Towing capacity 1500 lb
    680 kg

Additional information

  • Country of Manufacture U.S.