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  • Rear torsion flex axle
  • Adjustable sliding brackets
  • Standard clevis hitch and safety chains

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Rear torsion flex axle
    State-of-the-art suspensionState-of-the-art suspension

    Frontier™ header transports all come with state-of-the-art torsion, flex rear suspension for a much smoother ride. This gives a less bumpy and jarring ride and keeps the heads from bouncing around.

Adjustable sliding brackets
    Corn head sub bracket in storage position Corn head sub bracket in storage position
    Optional brackets with draper head sub-bracketOptional brackets with draper head sub-bracket

    Standard adjustable sliding brackets on the HT11 and HT12 Series Header Transports allow the carrying of most platform and corn heads on the same transport.


    Optional draper head support brackets allow the transport to also carry John Deere draper heads.