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  • Full-time 3WD hydrostatic system
  • Air-restriction indicator
  • Fixed front roller
  • Powerful Yanmar

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Full-time three-wheel drive (3WD) hydrostatic system directs oil flow to wheels with traction, reducing wheel slip in tough terrain
    Full-time 3WD systemFull-time 3WD system

    The 2653B PrecisionCut™ Trim and Surrounds Mower features a full-time 3WD hydrostatic traction system that directs hydrostatic oil flow to wheels with traction in tough terrain. This means if an operator gets into a situation where one wheel begins to slip, the hydrostatic system supplies fluid to the other two wheels to provide traction power.

    This system provides plenty of hill-climbing power without the need for any weight-transfer system. What's even more impressive is this system requires no extra valves for operation. This reduces hydraulic leak point opportunities while still providing ample climbing power.

    By being a full-time 3WD system, the unit is always in three-wheel drive, even in transport. The system is powered by the same hydrostatic pump used on the 2500B PrecisionCut Riding Greens Mower for optimum hill-climbing performance.

One-piece plenum design, U-shaped hydraulic reservoir, and other conveniences for ease of service
    Service access with plenum raisedService access with plenum raised
    U-shaped hydraulic reservoirU-shaped hydraulic reservoir

    The 2653B PrecisionCut™ makes a strong statement when it comes to service conveniences.


    The air plenum and hood are combined into a one-piece design. Simply turn the hood latch and raise the hood to gain service access to the air restriction indicator, engine oil dipstick, backlapping valve, hydraulic components, coolant level fill, and more. All daily service checks are easily accessible.


    Standard onboard electrical diagnostics are located beneath the access panel just below the operator control panel. This allows for electrical system diagnosis from the seat. Sit-on-seat (SOS) diagnostics are integrated into the electrical system, alerting the operator to potential starting problems.


    The hydraulic oil cooler can be removed by removing wing nuts. The use of wing nuts makes it possible to service the oil cooler without the use of any tools.


    A large U-shaped hydraulic tank is easily accessed at the rear of the machine. The reservoir features a convenient fill point on top of the tank and a dipstick for checking the hydraulic fluid level.


    The 2653B PrecisionCut Trim and Surrounds Mower features improved access to the engine to hydro coupler for fan belt repair. Simply loosen the locking ring and slide the coupler to allow room for fan belt installation.

Sit-on-seat (SOS) diagnostics provide aid when starting machine
    Instrument clusterInstrument cluster

    SOS diagnostics are provided to assist the operator in getting the machine started. The SOS system checks the machine system functions to be sure they are in the proper configuration for starting.

    The system functions that must be satisfied to crank the machine are as follows:

    • Park brake engaged
    • Mow lever disengaged
    • Backlap valve disengaged 
    • Forward/reverse pedals in neutral position
    SOS codesSOS codes

    The SOS system alerts the operator by flashing a light on the instrument cluster located on the dash of the 2653B PrecisionCut™ if any these conditions are not met.


    The battery indicator light flashes a code while the key is held in the start position. There is a label located on the white box control module access panel that advises the operator what functions are not set properly based on the code that is flashing. This label is in both English and Spanish.

Durable frame built to handle the toughest terrain
    2653B PrecisionCut Trim and Surrounds Mower2653B PrecisionCut Trim and Surrounds Mower

    The 2653B PrecisionCut™ Trim and Surrounds Mower can improve the appearance of many areas on the golf course. It can maintain tees, approaches, fairways, green surrounds, first-cut rough, and rough. These tough demands can put a strain on lesser frames, but not that of the 2653B Mower.


    The 2653B PrecisionCut frame is designed with all these demands in mind and provides excellent weight distribution and the durability required for the most-demanding terrain. The frame design keeps a low center of gravity while providing excellent visibility to the front cutting units and rear of the machine.

Powerful 3-cylinder diesel engine
    Three-cylinder diesel engineThree-cylinder diesel engine

    The 2653B PrecisionCut™ Trim and Surrounds Mower uses a 19.6 hp* (14.6 kW) gross (per SAEJ 1995 at 3000 rpm) liquid-cooled diesel engine for smooth, efficient, and quiet operation.


    With the 3-cylinder diesel engine and a large 7.4-U.S. gal. (28.0-L) fuel tank, the 2653B PrecisionCut gives the operator plenty of power and fuel for a productive day of mowing.


    This engine meets EPA Tier 2 and Tier 4 compliance standards.


    *Engine horsepower and torque information are provided by the engine manufacturer to be used for comparison purposes only. Actual operating horsepower and torque will be less. Refer to the engine manufacturer’s website for additional information.

Frame design for a wide stance and low center of gravity for excellent stability
    Low center of gravityLow center of gravity

    A low center of gravity and a wide, 55-in. (140-cm) wheelbase ensure comfortable and safe operation, even in adverse mowing conditions.


    Wide 20x10-10 front and 20x10-8 rear turf tires provide excellent traction and stability for superior mowing performance.

White box electronic control module provides onboard electrical diagnostics as standard equipment
    White box controllerWhite box controller

    This controller gives the technician on-board diagnostics as standard equipment, meaning there are no diagnostic tools or plug-ins to purchase separately. No tools are required to access the white box controller. Simply disengage the latch to open up the access panel. This allows the technician to troubleshoot electrical problems while sitting in the operator seat.

    The controller has a heartbeat feature to aid the technician in diagnostics. When the LED light in the center of the controller is flashing at a regular rate, it indicates the controller is properly powered up and there are no circuit problems. Each switch or solenoid on the machine has its own LED light on the controller. Input and output functions can be diagnosed by observing the appropriate lights.

    When the heartbeat LED light is flashing at an irregular rate, it indicates there is a system fault of some sort. The irregular flashing rate leads the technician to the circuit to start proper diagnostics. These codes can be found on the front of the access panel to the controller. Detailed information is located in the operator's manual and technical manual.  

Air-restriction indicator with sight glass visually shows if air restriction is present
    Air-restriction indicatorAir-restriction indicator

    An air-restriction indicator is standard on the 2653B PrecisionCut™ Trim and Surrounds Mower. The air-restriction indicator has a sight glass with markings that show if service to the air cleaner is required. This air-restriction indicator is the same one used on the 2500B PrecisionCut Diesel Riding Greens Mower.


    When the sight glass in the air-restriction indicator shows red, a major airflow restriction in the system needs to be addressed immediately.



  • Type Indirect Inject Diesel
  • Fuel Diesel
  • Engine power (gross) per SAE J1995 @ 3000 rpm 14.6 kW
    19.6 hp
    *Engine hp is provided by the engine manufacturer to be used for comparison purposes only. Actual operating hp will be less. Refer to the engine manufacturer?s Web site for additional information.
  • Engine power (net) per SAE J1349 @ 3000 rpm 14.2 kW
    19.1 hp
    *Engine hp is provided by the engine manufacturer to be used for comparison purposes only. Actual operating hp will be less. Refer to the engine manufacturer?s web site for additional information.
  • Air cleaner Dual-stage, restriction indicator
  • Cooling Liquid
  • Oil filter Full-flow filter
  • Engine oil capacity 3.0 L
    3.1 U.S. qt
  • Pressurized lubrication system Standard
  • Number of cylinders 3-cylinder
  • Displacement 854 cc
    52.1 cu in.


  • Wheels and tires Front
    Standard turf
  • Braking system 2-wheel disc; hand controlled park brake; dynamic braking through closed loop traction system
  • Mowing speed 0-8 km/h
    0-5 mph
  • Transport speed 0-13.7 km/h
    0-8.5 mph
  • Reverse speed 0-4.8 km/h
    0-3 mph
  • Ground clearance 14 cm
    5.5 in.
  • Fuel tank capacity 28 L
    7.4 U.S. gal.
  • Hydraulic reservoir capacity 20.8 L
    5.5 U.S. gal.

Wheel Motor and Reel Drive

  • Drive wheels Hydraulic, standard 3WD
  • Traction drive 3 Wheel Drive Hydrostatic, equal traction to all wheels
  • Implement and reel pump Gear
  • Reel control valves Micro-backlap valve with reel speed control
  • Filtration 10 micron
  • Cutting unit lift 2 hydraulic cylinders

Operator Controls

  • Steering Hydraulic power steering
  • Lift and lower of cutting units One-touch hand controlled
  • Mower engagement Hand
  • Throttle Hand
  • Park brake Hand
  • Hydrostatic speed Forward
  • Ignition Key switch, automatic glow plug


  • Engine oil pressure LED Warning Light
  • Alternator LED Warning Light
  • Hydraulic oil temperature LED Warning Light
  • Engine coolant temperature LED Warning Light

Electrical and Safety Interlocks

  • Diagnostics On-board diagnostics with the White Box Controller and (SOS) Sit on Seat Diagnostics
  • Safety interlock switches Neutral start switch, operator presence switch (in seat), mow/transport switch, park brake set switch

Weight and Dimensions

  • Wheelbase 140 cm
    55 in.
  • Tread width 132 cm
    52 in.
  • Mowing position width 183 cm
    72 in.
    or 213 cm
    84 in.
  • Height With ROPS: 208.3 cm
    82 in.
  • Turning radius, uncut circle 50.8 cm
    20 in.
  • Weight (full fluids, no operator, no fuel), 26-in. units raised 863.1 kg
    1903 lb


  • Number 3 reel cutting units
  • Size Quick Adjust QA7: 66 cm
    26 in.
    or QA7: 76 cm
    30 in.
  • Number of blades Five or eight
  • Backlapping Standard
  • Clip frequency 5-blade cutting unit,
    3.17 mm/km/h
    0.201 in./mph8-blade cutting unit
    1.99 mm/km/h
    0.126 in./mph
  • Front rollers Optional: grooved, solid, or spiral: 7.5 cm
    3 in.
  • Reel diameter 17.8 cm
    7 in.
  • Bedknife adjustment Reel-to-bedknife
  • Certification ANSI B71.4-2004; 2-Post SAE J21294 Roll Over Protection Structure with seat belts meets pending ISO 21299 standard; Yanmar engine meets EPA Tier 2, Interim Tier 4, and Tier 4

Sound Levels

  • Operator ear 87 dBA
  • Measuring standard ISO 11201
  • Attachments installed Reels Engaged